Ask around to any millennials worried about their health and wellness and you’ll find that they’re raving about medical spa treatments. However, with the vast number of spas opening around the country, it’s challenging to know which is the best. Attracting new clients all comes down to how you market your spa and how you work to connect with your audience.

Here are four ways to market your spa that are going to lead to a whole slew of clients in no time.

1. You Have Knowledge To Share

For anyone who has never been to a medical spa, the concept can feel daunting. Reading marketing materials from a company that doesn’t seem to feel confident in what they’re talking about isn’t going to help win them over. The people who practice in the medical spa industry need to bring their authority to the forefront of their marketing in order to alleviate the fears of new users.

This is an industry where you need to be an expert and convey your authority to the people you’re marketing to. While there’s been an increased number of practitioners who offer services in the world of medical spas, consumers are looking for confidence and oversight. Their confidence will come when they see an authoritative body offering their assurance that the products and services they’re getting are legitimate.

Expect your clients to do their research when it comes to the services you offer. They’ll know not only what it means when you say you offer service X, Y, or Z, but they’ll also know which procedures are most effective. If you want your reputation to thrive under these circumstances, you need to be as open as possible.

One of the best ways to do this is through a blog. When people search for anything online, they’re going to be either looking for a specific service or the answer to a common question. Answer those common questions on your blog, offering your products and services as the solution and you’ll win over customers naturally.

Be open about your knowledge and what gives you the right to flaunt it.

2. Use Local SEO To Your Advantage

When you’re writing about your products and services, you need to let people reading know where you’re located. You also need to let search engines know who you need to be connected with.

Search engine algorithms are more complicated than ever. They’re now able to take the information about where a search originates from and link it to solutions nearby.

If you search for “medical spa” on a search engine, you’re going to get search results that are closest to where you are. In fact, the top of your search results might show a map at the top of the results showing exactly where those spas are located.

This kind of connection is only possible because of local SEO. Make sure you verify your business’s information on Google My Business and every other business directory out there. You need to have consistent information listed across all platforms to ensure that your customers know how to contact you no matter where they find you.

Use local terms, local keywords, and even the name of your neighborhood to ensure you capture the audience that’s most directly linked to you. Engage with people on social media and be sure to follow other local businesses to underscore your community connection.

3. Use Visual Storytelling

In the coming years, video is going to start accounting for more than 80% of all traffic online. Whether people are finding you on their desktops or their mobile devices, they’re going to want to see some visual content, namely video from you. You need to invest in creating optimized video content to get people to stay tuned to the content you produce.

A well-produced video needs to have subtitles underneath. This is more than just a nod to the disabled community. It allows for smooth scrolling as people look through the content in their social media feed.

They get to preview your video without making a commitment to breaking their current workflow.

Video explainers, Q&A sessions, and introducing what your team does are all way to give people a peek behind the curtain. When your clients are looking to interact with your medical spa, they’re going to want to know what they get for their money. When you show them a procedure, with a consenting client of course, they’ll get to see just how quick and easy treatment can be.

With you narrating the procedure, they’ll walk away with a better understanding and more confidence in booking a visit to your spa.

4. Connect With Your Business Community

When you’re looking to build your company’s reputation, you need to be willing to connect to the businesses around you. There is a rich tapestry of business related to any medical spa and it’s important to show those connections to a new and unfamiliar audience.

Connect with salons, gyms and fitness facilities, or even nutritionists who specialize in helping people look and feel good. These health and wellness businesses are all connected and you can work together to offer fusion treatments and deals.

If you have a front desk for checking in, offer products by a local skincare company. If you’re offering a deal, you could offer a basket of goodies from local businesses to people who order the deal.

Connect with these businesses online and be supportive in their endeavors. They’ll be supportive to you in turn.

A Medical Spa Should Be Easy To Market

When it comes time to market your medical spa, you shouldn’t find it too challenging to attract your audience. The increasing number of people invested in health and wellness shows no signs of slowing.

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