Social Media Marketing

ROI-Focused, Social Media Lead Generation Advertising

With millions of daily active users, Facebook and Instagram are the largest and most powerful social media advertising platforms in the world.

Taking advantage of those platforms, however, can be an overwhelming challenge. To succeed on Facebook and Instagram, advertisers need to understand how to drive ad reach and user engagement, and to effectively use audience targeting to get the most out of their advertising budget, and Spark has done just that.

At Spark Medical Marketing, we focus on understanding your practice and audience, and we know how to put the right messaging in the right places, delivered to the right people, to create revenue-generating results.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Ads
Social Media Ads


Social Media Ads on Instagram
Social Media Ads

Facebook and Instagram allow you to target your ads to the people who are most likely to schedule a consultation and purchase a treatment.

While Facebook and Instagram advertising hit potential customers higher in the sales funnel than intent-based advertising, when you target the right audience, Facebook and Instagram ads are much more effective than other high-funnel marketing channels.

The Spark Advantage

  • Fast results. 90% of our clients see results on DAY ONE
  • Strategic audience targeting
  • Ads that have been tested for success
  • Advanced ad placement and optimization

Social media advertising allows us unprecedented access to audiences and the ability to segment using the most sophisticated targeting capabilities out there. For many of our clients, social ads comprise the bulk of incoming leads and/or sales.

Every year, we manage hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad spend for our clients. Every day, we compete against the world’s biggest brands in the most unpredictable, competitive, auction-based bidding platforms. And, we have been told that we are able to get cost per clicks lower than they even knew was possible.

With Spark, you get trusted industry leaders working non-stop to make sure your advertising campaigns are as successful as possible.

Immediate Leads

We have helped thousands of practices get their lead generation off the ground when very few to no leads were coming in… all the way to scaling to hundreds of leads per month while decreasing cost per lead to a fraction of the price!

Optimized and Strategic Targeting

We can target your ideal audience down to the individual. We have the option to import your email list and target your contacts directly. We also use ‘lookalike’ audience targeting to expand the size of your list.

Monthly Reporting to Track Results

We provide you with customized monthly reports, so you will always know how many leads you are generating through your Social advertising.