Reputation Management

We live in a connected world. For a business, customers and prospects are connected online and influence each other’s buying decisions. Great customer experience drives retention and improves a business’s online reputation, which in turn accelerates customer acquisition. ReviewSPARK! connects reputation management for medical practices and customer experience.

The ReviewSPARK! platform allows businesses to see their comprehensive online review status, i.e. what their customers are saying across all channels. The ReviewSPARK! reputation management for medical practices platform converts in-moment feedback into swift corrective actions, leading to positive experiences. ReviewSPARK!’s reputation marketing platform auto-promotes businesses’ positive reputation across search engines, social media, and review sites so they can acquire new customers. End result – higher customer retention and acquisition.

ReviewSPARK! is fully HIPAA compliant. You can safely and securely use ReviewSPARK! knowing that your patient’s information is protected.

reputation management for medical practices | Spark Medical Marketing
reputation management for medical practices | Spark Medical Marketing


Reputation Management

To show star ratings in organic search results, Google requires that you generate your own reviews directly from your customers. It’s easier than it sounds. 70% of consumers say they will leave a review if you just ask them to! ReviewSPARK! makes it easy to fire up your fans and collect reviews from customers — any way you choose.

Stay informed and act on customer feedback.

There’s no shortage of places online where consumers can leave feedback. And staying on top of it all can seem nearly impossible. ReviewSPARK! leverages cutting-edge technology to pull all your reviews into a single dashboard — so you stay informed in real time.

Engage with customers on their terms.

ReviewSPARK! makes it easy to continue the conversation, improve relationships with all your customers, and show prospects and customers alike that you’re listening. Not convinced? When you respond to online reviews, customers are 16% more likely to recommend your business.