Spark Medical Marketing Launches New Success Spark Program

Spark Medical Marketing Launches New Success Spark Program

Agency’s newest program puts dedicated account manager, lead contact scripts, and more at the service of clients to deliver even more growth and success, Spark Medical Marketing reports


BOCA RATON, Fla. — Spark Medical Marketing launched a new program designed to help clients succeed with their digital marketing efforts. Participants in the new Success Spark program gain access to a dedicated account manager who helps with everything from lead followup and staff coaching to the development and implementation of strategies that produce practice growth and increased revenue.

A complete range of phone call, voicemail, text, and email scripts exclusive to the Success Spark program facilitate conversion-enhancing adherence to lead contacting best practices with a minimum of preparation and oversight. Success Spark staff coaching services ensure that everyone is on board at all times with medical marketing strategies and tactics that have been tailored to suit each client’s unique situation, needs, and market.

As an especially powerful, accessible, and comprehensive means of medical practice and Med Spa Marketing, the complimentary, exclusive Success Spark program is already helping Spark Medical Marketing clients grow at previously inconceivable rates. An industry-leading 90 percent of all Spark Medical Marketing clients see results from day one, with a 70-percent increase in leads being typical. The agency’s new Success Spark program will turn even more of those leads into new business and additional revenue, helping participants exceed the 570-percent average return on investment enjoyed by Spark Medical Marketing clients.

“We’re proud to announce the launch of our complimentary new Success Spark program,” said Spark Medical Marketing CFO, Justin Boyette. “We’re always looking for ways to help the medical- and aesthetics-industry businesses we serve grow more quickly. By assigning a dedicated account manager to each client, Success Spark is raising the bar for the medical marketing industry. Our carefully tailored, field-proven scripts make handling all types of lead contacts far easier. The Success Spark program also includes staff coaching services that quickly turn every team member into a lead and business-generating asset. We’re proud of all that Success Spark has to offer and thrilled to report that the first participants are already experiencing transformative results.”

As the newest offering from an established medical marketing leader, Success Spark will be of interest to practice and spa owners and operators everywhere. More information about Success Spark and the agency’s complete range of services is available at the Spark Medical Marketing website, where visitors can sign up for a free consultation.

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