Spark Marketing Is Here To Help You With Reputation Management

Boca Raton, Fla – SPARK Medical Marketing has helped more than 500 customers throughout the world with reputation management and improving their brand and local search rankings.

“We understand today’s competitive business climate and businesses need every advantage to succeed,” SPARK Chief Operating Officer, Justin Boyette said. “Our reputation management platform helps them rank better in search results and elevate their brand above their competition.”

Businesses are familiar with standard search engine optimization, but when the business serves a particular geographic area, local SEO and reputation management supersedes it. SPARK’s Customer Experience Management platform promotes businesses across search engines, review sites, and social media.

When people want to learn about a doctor, aesthetics office or other medical practice, they visit search engines and seek out review sites and social media. One bad review can have a tremendous impact on business and many don’t even know they have negative reviews out there.

Review SPARK not only helps businesses know view all of their online reviews in one dashboard, but they can respond to them with ease. Businesses can turn a negative review into a positive one with the right response.

“Our Review SPARK! Is 100 percent HIPPA compliant,” Boyette said. “You can use it and know that all of your patients’ information is protected. We made sure it’s completely appropriate for medical businesses to use.”

What people see online helps determine their decisions. With the vast number of business listings and review sites out there, it’s difficult for businesses to see the whole picture. Review SPARK! lets them see their complete online review status.

Knowing what your customers are saying about your business is invaluable information and the ability to respond to both the good and the bad. Many times, the decisions made by customers are determined by the information they see on the Internet.

The ability to control that information can lead to higher customer retention and acquisition.

The competition may understand the basics of search engine optimization, but they likely don’t have a handle on their online reputation. Businesses have reviews that can get lost in the vast Internet which can negatively impact the decisions of their customers.

SPARK’s reputation management platform eliminates that and helps businesses create credible leads. In the first year, more than 500 companies have used this platform for the betterment of their business.

“We’re so proud of what our platform has done for our customers,” Boyette said. “When they call us and rave about our platform it makes all the effort we’ve taken to create the best platform available worth it.”

SPARK Medical Marketing’s reputation management system is part of its overall full-service marketing platform. If you want to learn more about their reputation management platform or set up a consultation, then call (888) 908-8088.

About SPARK Medical Marketing

SPARK Medical Marketing is a full-service medical marketing agency based in Boca Raton, Fla. SPARK clients on average have a 78 percent improvement in search engine rankings and a 570 percent return on their investment. The agency is a certified Google Partner that specializes in the marketing and advertising of medical practices. Their services include paid search, social media advertising, SEO, email marketing, web design, and reputation management.