Authority Magazine Features Randi Boyette in Power Women Series

BOCA RATON, Fla., March 8, 2022, PRNewswire

Randi Boyette, CEO, and founder of Spark Medical Marketing is featured in Authority Magazine’s interview series, Power Women: How To Successfully Navigate Work, Love, and Life As A Powerful Woman.

Authority Magazine, a publication devoted primarily to sharing inspiring features and interviews of powerful people in their industries, captures the buoyancy, passion, resilience, perseverance, dedication, and relentless drive of Spark Medical Marketing Founder and CEO, Randi Boyette. Being a powerful woman in business is not an easy feat, yet Boyette not only challenges the status quo but redefines the traditional expectations of what society deems appropriate roles for women, all the while achieving success with determination and a can-do attitude.

“Being an entrepreneur can be challenging, especially in the beginning. You are the only one pushing yourself on the good days and the bad, it’s critical to motivate yourself every day,” Boyette said. “No matter how little sleep I have had, as we work many late nights, I wake up motivated by the fact that our entire team is depending on me to do what I do to keep the business alive.”

The insightful Q&A between interviewer Ming Zhao and Boyette also delves into chapters on both challenge and resilience. Boyette shares the inspiration behind starting her firm, how she stays motivated and her top five things to thrive and succeed as a powerful woman. In the interview, Boyette shares experiences from her personal life and professional leadership journey.

“While growing Spark, so many different opportunities came my way, but in many directions. At first, I wanted to build a social media company, but then a new opportunity came my way focused on websites. I wasn’t an expert in websites at the time, but I said ‘yes’ and made it happen. Then the business evolved into something vast. When you want something so bad, you will do anything and go anywhere to achieve it. Opportunities don’t always come in perfect packages; you have to go outside your comfort zone,” Boyette said.

When asked her opinion on the biggest challenges faced by women leaders that aren’t typically faced by their male counterparts, Boyette replied, “The biggest challenge women leaders face is having to prove ourselves twice as hard for half of the credit.”

Despite any obstacles or challenges, Boyette embodies a woman in power. “I had many doors slammed in my face while growing Spark and I thought it was the biggest curse at the time, but I kept going, no matter how many times I was told ‘no’, I persevered.”

The full interview can be found on Authority Magazine’s website.


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