Spark Medical Marketing Offering “Marketing Relief Package”

Spark Medical Marketing, a digital marketing and full service online consulting agency based in Boca Raton, Florida, announces a special marketing relief package, with reduced pricing, no long-term contract, and a free marketing assessment to help practices get new patients in the door as stay-at-home restrictions begin to slowly be lifted.


Boca Raton, FL, May 4, 2020 – Large and small businesses across America are already feeling the financial crunch from stay-at-home restrictions. Many are moving the bulk of their operations online and using online channels to maintain profitability and serve their customers, and medical practices are no exception.

To aid this effort, Spark Medical Marketing, of Boca Raton, is announcing a tailor-made medical marketing relief package to aid medical practices that may have been affected by this downturn in physical interactions.

To begin with, Spark Medical Marketing has introduced a specialized reduced price offering. Under the plan, digital marketing packages that would normally be a $1500 per month contract, have been reduced to $1000 per month. And the contract is billed on a month-to-month basis, which means that practices do not have to make a long term commitment.

But the low price and lack of long-term contracts are only the beginning. As part of the package during this period, Spark Medical marketing will offer a free marketing assessment of the medical practice, giving a solid overview of the market position and online reputation and review situation of a particular

office. Under the Marketing Relief Package, all advertising creative copy, content, and imagery will be created by Spark Medical Marketing, a company that has years of experience developing and implementing marketing services for medical and aesthetic practices throughout the US and around the world.

And Spark Medical Marketing offers an array of other services to help keep your practice engaged, including a Telehealth platform and SparkConnect.

SparkConnect, which can be used both as a mobile app and on the web, simplifies and automates the process of turning inquiries and leads into patients. When a potential patient contacts you in response to marketing initiatives or through an organic query, SparkConnect seamlessly automates the follow-up process, which saves you time and helps to convert prospects into patients.

Spark Telehealth gives you the possibility of meeting with your patients without their need to make an office visit. Spark Medical Marketing’s Telehealth solution is a convenient, easy-to-use method for managing appointments and treating patients remotely from anywhere, featuring video consultations, file sharing, and note taking functions specifically designed for medical practices.

Both solutions will help you manage the most important aspects of your practice from anywhere.

Together with Spark Medical Marketing’s industry- leading marketing capabilities, including SEO, Social and Pay Per Click advertising, Email Marketing, Google advertising and Online Reputation Management, the small business relief package being offered by Spark gives your practice one of the best ways possible to not only survive but thrive during this period.

About the Company: Spark Medical Marketing specializes in developing and implementing proven, strategic marketing programs that deliver measurable results, from Paid Search, Social Media Advertising, Reputation Management, SEO, Email Marketing, fully customized Web Design, Telehealth services, and more.